Friday, January 7, 2011

Peculiar Shoes

Last month when we put this blog together there was some discussion about whether to moderate comments. Annamaria felt that the immediacy of unmoderated comments, the back-and-forth, was important for blog viewers, while I, in my characteristic terror of the unknown, feared getting hijacked by sinister foreign entities. Annamaria's view prevailed, and it was a good thing.

Yesterday, however, a sinister foreign entity calling itself "Anonymous" tried to post a long essay on shoes, with links to a site selling counterfeit Christian Louboutins, to my personal blog ( We all know who is behind these efforts--Islamist terrorists, white slavers, South American drug lords, Asian gangs--but I'm here to tell you, there's nothing to fear but hilarity itself.

Here for your delectation is the complete piece, unedited, with only the links removed:

Ancient Greek Sandal

The sandal is a type of christian shoes, which has been with us since ancient days, the staying fingers and additional parts of the foot shown. In Andalusia, Mexico and other Latin American places is also described as "flip-flop." In Chile they utter "chala". Other varieties of flip flops are the "flip flops", "sandalias" (Balearic origins, composed of a strip of skin on the jeep, and another one could be inserted either on the jeep or back heel) or louboutin, of Mexican beginning.

Just how much do you are aware pertaining to the progress of the christian louboutin?

LV Shoes esparto or V millennium BC C. encountered in Spain, christian louboutin flip flops are normally utilised in the hot months or the seashore, there are a selection of colorization and types, as style. In Europe and North America are used by both equally men and females, whereas in South America, their utilization is restrained to the women attendees (although in some states of this region there usually are athletic shoes created for adult men, which are put into use as casual louboutin sale.)

Up-to-date sandal

In frigid environments, louboutin footwear, are pretty much solely used by women of all ages who have offered this footwear the reputation of "star" of vogue, by adding a heel. Consequently, the slipper is currently associated with womanly luxury, and can be viewed in the course of the year, at the foot of the ladies when they go to gala events.

Relating to fashion professionals, the sandal is In this modern time, sandals are popular amongst the ages of almost all people mainly because they are very fascinating for women, trendy for working stuffs, more comfortable for the elderly to buy louboutin sandals. Since it is growing hotter and hotter, a broad seleciton of sandals have been released into the marketplace. Lots of of them are highly captivating and stylish, you can not help fall in love with all of them, especially girls and stylish ladies. Nonetheless, extremely several people already know the evolution of the very christian shoes. that very girly, to be used specifically not including socks. Should differentiate between "Chancla" or "Chancleta" of the "sandal", since the former are used every day and "between" house "while the sandal alludes to get louboutin, this is applied for the most part for distinctive events, get-togethers, conferences, workplace, for theirt substances are much better. The sandals are now a trendy item rather than first attempt. This can be accomplished by hand or produced from distinct fabrics.

For example:

knits (Crochet, Macrame, Tunisian, two needles)
jute, material and other woven fabrics
materilas fabricated (tapes)
carton cardstock and derivatives
timber strands of banana leaf or comparable (sisal)

Moreover, relating to the creators in christian louboutin store, the sandals are of 5 major components:

  1. the shoe blazon is informed relating to ergonomic. Shoe physique is variable as well as favorable for an assortment of panic for the visitors;
  2. it is light in weight, flexible and also possesses ideal shock absorption;
  3. sole is authentic valor and abounding of potency;
  4. there is sufficient amplitude for shoes or boots;
  5. mold, odour resilient, breathable, watertight, damp assimilation, quick-drying are all its figures. 
Hardly any quantity in assisting or acreage circumstances, and so forth, there is absolutely no trouble.

--Kate Gallison


  1. This stylistic terrorist attack must have been filtered through google translator from an obscure Tibetan dialect. Considering the second coming of the snowstorm, though, I think we should all order Jeeps to wear on our feet!

  2. I hadn't thought about computer translation, but, yes, I bet you're right. Tell you what, though, better than Jeeps on my feet I want a sole abounding in potency. This guy ought to write copy for the Nieman-Marcus catalog.