Sunday, April 22, 2012

Professional Redemption

I've been rooting for Tiger Woods to make a Wow-Them comeback.

No, I didn't approve of his womanizing game or the agony he caused his family... but after reading about his father's ways and the pressure he put on that little boy who was so gifted, I've hoped-hoped-hoped he'd rise back to the top.

So when I read of his "professional redemption" at the Arnold Palmer Invitational I beamed as big as if he was my kid!

I loved the words of the NYT writer Karen Crouse... "Woods kept his body language inscrutable."
That's a great phrase for us crime writers to use!!! Gets your little grey cells clicking for sure...

And Crouse's words – "the greens were as hard as week-old bagels." Can't you just sink your teeth into that and break a crown!

Crouse is a writer worth watching. She knows a thing or three about language:

"His aura of invincibility suffered a total eclipse."

"Poised to avenge the loss."

"The pin placements made putting diabolically difficult."

"He was not going to lie down and be the red carpet for Woods' latest coronation."

"Woods stood a few feet away, looking as cool as the shade."

Now if this writer would change her pen from golf to murder – I see an Edgar in her future!

Green jacket, Tiger. You're back!

T.J. Straw

P.S. Well, now, folks, my guy didn't make it. I'm sorry.

But, as a famous gal said once, tomorrow's another day.

Good luck, Tiger, the trail ahead winds long and you may get that green jacket yet!

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  1. Wow!!! I have been told by many sports fans that sports writers often have great articles to read and that some sports prose is as good as any fiction writer. And I can see by your quotes that Karen Crouse is one of those special writers to look for in the sports section of the NYT!!! Thanks !!!