Friday, September 7, 2012

Suitable Topics for a Blog Post

I find myself staring at the blank computer screen once again, with Friday on the way. I turn my eyeballs inward, seeking a topic to bloviate upon for a few paragraphs. What to talk about?

Dinner. I could talk about what I expect to serve for dinner. Alas, I have no idea, except that a can of beans will be involved.

Politics. No, I have sworn off talking about politics until after the election. You all know who you want to vote for, you all know what's at stake, and nothing I say will have any effect. I will remind you to be sure you're registered, and to be sure to show up at the polls on election day. That's all I have to say about that.

Movies. I've seen some corkers since I got Turner Classic Movies up and running again. I'll tell you about some of them later. Not right now.

The triumphs of the writing life. Yes! I finished Monkeystorm (huzzah), and to my eye at least it is good. Harold, a connoisseur of trash fiction, tells me it fulfills all the requirements for a thriller. One of my other first readers found a plot hole which I quickly filled up with blood and gore. But it's short, a mere 55,000 words. I'm not sure I have the nerve to send it to my agent like that.

And yet it occurs to me that Monkeystorm, a story about a video game (among other things), might be packaged with a copy of the actual video game. That way 55,000 words would be plenty. Or not. I'll see what my agent has to say.

Kate Gallison


  1. Love that word Bloviate!!! My faithful Webster's tells me it was pop. by W.G. Harding ... now that is a project for Madame Research King! How did Harding use the erudite word??? T.J. Straw

  2. Kate, congratulations on finishing Monkeystorm. Some wags are actually sayings--in the age of the eBook--that shorter is better. But then maybe they are just bloviating.

  3. Annamaria, it's tempting to think so. I don't know what final form Monkeystorm will take; if digital, then wordcount is no doubt less important. Thelma, I could bloviate all day on the subject of Warren G. Harding, but that would be talking politics, which I have sworn not to do until after November. I probably got the word from my father. Much of my vocabulary comes from him. He could insult you six ways from Sunday and never use a cuss word.