Wednesday, January 2, 2013

This Says It All

Annamaria Alfieri


  1. Enduringly true, that. Harold points out that everyone in the country detests the House of Representatives – Clowns! Yes! – except for their own representative, whom they keep on sending back to Washington. Until the voters turn against their own guy nothing will change. I worship Rush Holt, myself. The smartest man in congress. Sadly, we in Lambertville have been gerrymandered out of his district, and must now deal with Leonard Lance, who is sometimes a good guy. I mean to send him letters explaining my point of view on various matters. He may listen. Sort of.

  2. Choose one:
    1. Let them swim with the fishes...
    2. Send in the clowns .. and choke off the air...
    3. Let them be obliterated with extreme prejudice...
    4. Let each be assigned to keep John Boehner's tan in place...
    Thelma Straw in darkest Manhattan

  3. Thanks! Says it all and gets a laugh!
    Bob K.