Friday, May 17, 2013

Bailing Today

Kate has computer issues today of a severity that can scarcely be believed by anyone other than another computer user. Next week she will unload her complaints on you, or not; until then you may imagine the worst day you ever had trying to work your will on the internet with the feeble tools at hand, and assume that you know what the trouble is. It's like that.

Kate Gallison


  1. Kate, how in the world did you get hold of that picture of me??? So glad you didn't put on the sound track!!! I'd have been taken straight to Bob's famous Riker's Island! T.J. Straw

  2. Rikers Island being a very old school, hands-on kind of place, doubt there are any computers there--
    well, maybe one, big as a house and kept behind concrete walls and a roof. Bob K,

  3. Actually, after the C.I.A. got wind of my language , they'd have turned me over to the Russian F.S.B. and I'd now be in a dungeon and never heard from again! TJS

  4. I am going SOON to the Apple store to find out if I can live without Outlook. Then I am going to BAG this beast!!