Friday, August 23, 2013

Summer, Moving Right Along

This particular lazy morning toward the end of summer finds me sitting in front of the computer screen trying to think of what to write about. Nothing comes to mind. All I can think of is what I have vowed not to write about:

  • That we are away from home (though it really doesn't matter. By the time this is published we'll be back, to the great joy of our Dobermans, Killer and Fritz)
  • How I came to part company with my latest agent (I refuse to become one of those tiresome people who whine publicly about their writing careers)
  • My birthday (no, it's not my birthday, nor anywhere near it, but if I let on when it actually is, the identity thieves will come and get me)
  • Sex
  • Politics
  • Global warming
  • My new hat (t's a felt fedora, very cool, but people are sick of hearing about my hats, and also my shoes)
  • Death.

Nope, nothing to write about at all. I'll just wish you a happy Friday, and hope you're having a fine summer, as I am, all things considered. And maybe I'll put up a picture of my neighbor's cat.

Kate Gallison


  1. Lovely cat. Is the fur as soft as it looks? tjs

  2. This is a blog about crime, Kate. Usually murder. I really think it would be OK to talk about death--if you're stuck for a topic, I mean.
    Thelma, I had the same reaction to the cat.


  3. " On the other hand, " the woman said in a threatening tone. " Do I detect malice in the face of that supposedly gentle feline? Murder, perhaps? " Lights fade to darkness. Curtain....... tjs

  4. Can't ever go wrong putting up a picture of a cat. They're Good People!