Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Left Coast Crime

I am heading for the airport and Left Coast Crime in Monterey.  I will have a report on the conference and my following travels around California for you next week.  For now I leave you to contemplate this:

This was what ECONOMY class looked like in the 1960's!  It is NOT what I will be experiencing for six hours today.

Annamaria Alfieri


  1. Look forward to your report, as the word on the internet is that this is a super conference! Be sure to connect with an up and coming writer Terry Shames. tjs

  2. Look how dressed up they all are. Wait, that's the inside of the plane? I thought sure it was the airport waiting room. What kind of plane was it?

    1. Kate, all I know is that it was a Pan Am plane, economy class in the Sixties. And yes. The dress is VERY Mad Men. As business attire was when I joined the NYC workforce in 1963.

  3. When I joined the work force in 1951 I used to fly from Norfolk to Chicago in a dressy suit, heels, nylons and gloves! T. Jackie Straw