Wednesday, April 2, 2014

In California

I took ten days off after the Left Coast Crime conference and spent them with a long-time friend who lives in Danville.  She took me for the weekend to her country home in Inverness.  I had visited the area once before, and it is stunningly beautiful!  Here is the proof:

The view from my room

Beautiful, even in the rain

Point Reyes National Seashore, site of Saturday's hike.

Site of Sunday's hike.

The photo above requires some explanation.  It is a selfie I took in the mirror, which is two mirrors set into a corner, at a forty-five degree angle.  That means that what one sees in the mirror is not a mirror image.  It is the strangest sensation to raise one's left hand while looking in the mirror and see the woman in the mirror raise her left hand.  Try combing your hair under such circumstances some time.  Weird.

While in the Oakland Museum, I saw a wonderful film of San Francisco in
the fog.  It made me think that fog could be the most beautiful thing that
could happen to a city.  This is frame of the film.

When we crossed the Golden Gate on our way to airport, there was no fog.
I have traveled all over the world and crossed MANY bridges, but it still gives
me a thrill to cross that gorgeous one.

Annamaria Alfieri


  1. Your friend's school, The Athenian, has a wonderful reputation internationally! Gorgeous views in your photos. tjs

    1. T, her husband is the head of the upper school. She is a public defender in Oakland. GREAT place. GREAT couple.

  2. Replies
    1. Kate, The quake was in LA. I have felt earthquakes--never big ones, thank goodness, but not on this trip.

  3. I featured your blog as part of the "A to Z Blog Challenge".
    This blog is my "C" contribution.

    1. Hello, Ann Martin. Thank you for sharing our blog with your readers. On your blog, you raise the issue of the number of followers we have here on CWC. Having lots of them seems like a good thing, but I also follow how many people log on and read ours. Those numbers are far more, usually, than the number who have signed as members. They also fluctuate quite a bit. It seems very difficult to predict what subjects will attract the most readers. But we persist here. For me, I like the short essay form, so I write--as I do in all cases--as much for the pleasure of doing it as for the number of people I might reach. I hope you will continue to stop by.

  4. Interesting cloud formation in the 3rd and 4th pictures.

    1. J.L., those white puffy clouds are so perfect, aren't they--almost as if they were painted on the sky. That area is just lovely. thank you fro dropping by here.