Friday, September 19, 2014

Posting About Nothing

I'm at a loss for something to write about today.

Can't write about politics, because I have taken a sacred oath not to. Anyway I have no views on politics right now, other than, "Eeuch." That won't fill a column.

Can't write about family stuff because I just don't write about family stuff. If I did, I would tell you that Harold and I drove to a charming beach house in Harvey Cedars last Sunday to celebrate the fiftieth birthday of my eldest son. Outside, the surf was crashing and the sea grass newly planted on the dunes was waving in the breeze. My daughter-in-law put on a wonderful spread, baked ziti, roasted sausage and peppers, crispy rolls. One of my granddaughters brought two of the most deliciously decadent cakes I've ever tasted. I saw relatives I hadn't seen in years. I met family connections I hadn't ever met. There was a baby running around. Everyone seemed prosperous and healthy. It was great.

One of my son's half-brothers made me a very pretty speech about how thankful he was that we—his adoptive mother and I, as well as the adoptive mothers of the other twenty or so half-siblings—had given them homes when their birth mothers couldn't take care of them, and I treasure his remarks. I've always seen myself as something of a failure where my adopted boys are concerned. I'll take all the compliments I can get.

If it were a novel there would have been undercurrents at the party, perhaps simmering feuds that might have led to hurt feelings or outbursts of violence. Fortunately for all of us it was real life. Which I hardly ever write about.

And so I have nothing to write about today, nor am I starting to write my memoirs. In fact, I'm not writing much of anything these days. What I'm about to do is go down to Rojo's and have a coffee with Harold. Maybe I'll write about Lambertville later on. Or murders. Something.

© 2014 Kate Gallison


  1. This was a charming piece and I could identify with many of your thoughts and comments. That reminds me.... I want to go down to Dunkin Donuts and get some iced coffee and two pumpkin donuts! Their coffee is so much better than Juliano's, where you can usually find me hanging out with colleagues and fiends. tjs ( 00PS! I meant FRIENDS! Though, hey, maybe some of 'em are fiends inside!)

    1. And if you wanted to you could go home afterward and write stories about them full of conflict and drama. Fiction is great, right?

  2. Kate--
    You write very substantial stuff about nothing. You might be able to make big money tutoring those who write so poorly about nothing. You'd have quite a busines going!

  3. I was swallowed up by the loveliness of this personally removed piece about nothing. You write better about nothing than some people write about something.