Friday, January 16, 2015

Today I'm Posting a Non-Post

Woke up this morning with nothing in my head that could possibly interest anybody else. This was sort of startling. Usually I can run on for twenty minutes about this and that, especially after reading the Trenton Times over breakfast.

But I'd rather stick my hand in acid than write about the latest antics of our governor, who has found a lawyer and maybe a judge to claim that the state of New Jersey is not bound by its own laws in time of self-created budgetary distress. This means that the retired state employees (like us) are fools to actually expect the state to pay them their pensions. Thank goodness the mortgage is paid off. At least we'll have a roof over our heads while we starve. Say, how would you like Christie for president? But I don't want to write about that. and you don't want to read about it.

Another thing I don't want to talk about is my health. Which is perfectly good. Years ago you didn't go to the doctor unless there was something wrong with you. Nowadays, however, people over a certain age who have good insurance (like retired state workers) are expected to go for checkups at regular intervals, sick or well. At these times the doctor will tell you all the things you are probably on the verge of getting, no matter how good you feel right now, and order a battery of uncomfortable and degrading tests. I'm in the middle of that sort of thing right now; I have to go get a Dexascan in half an hour. After the last bloodwork my doctor sent me a report that said, okay, we can't find anything wrong, but unless you change your ways you're going to be in serious trouble soon. This looming shadow of menace. But I don't want to write about it.

Maybe I shouldn't even be trying to write anything. Maybe it's time to do something else. Harold gave me a set of drawing pencils for Christmas; maybe I should go out and sketch things. Or take up the concertina again. I haven't played the concertina since before I was carrying John, and had  no lap to rest the instrument. I could play it again, with a bit of practice. There's a whole warm community of Irish musicians waiting to welcome me into their sessions as soon as I get good enough.

© 2015 Kate Gallison


  1. Yes, doctors do seem to be over the top in ordering more tests now. The cynical part of me thinks it helps line their pockets! tjs

    1. Possibly. On the other hand they may simply be protecting themselves against lawsuits, like when Joe Doaks drops dead of umptyfiddley-eye-itis and his wife sues because the doctor didn't test for it. Either way it's greed driving the process.

  2. Kate, as blog admin, you issued rules for us not to discuss politics on this blog. I have tried to obey your wishes on that, as I am a law-abiding person by nature. I am thoughtful, but my nature has never been to be a rebel. But I wd like to say publicly that - I used to be very fond of this Gov of NJ, but now I have shifted and do not feel in his corner... tjs