Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Why Do Writers Like to Cook?

Yesterday a group of us got together to cook and eat and talk.  Oh, and drink wine.

I know a many writers who like to cook, so I invited a few over to do all of the above.

Here is a photo essay of how it went, pictures courtesy of Gerald Bartell.

The question arose, why do so many writers like to cook?  My quick answer—you do it standing up.

Another possibility, eating the resultant output often involves also drinking wine.

What do you think?

The festivities began with a trip to the fabulous DiPalo Italian grocery on Grand Steet.

Essential ingredients in hand

DiPalo Italian wine store--a great rose' frizzante and a nice Frascati

Gerald Bartell, he can write and take great photos,
but he can also sauté'!

Main course coming along nicely
Richie Narvaez and his fiancee Denise, he pours, she supervises, and bakes
sensational cakes

Treats to keep up the cooks' energy levels.

I demonstrate the old fashioned way to serve polenta.

The first of a several toasts!

Let the feasting begin, including Tim McLaughlin and Renette Zimmerly

Annamaria Alfieri


  1. Yum! (So how do you fix your polenta?)

    1. Kate, I prepare instance polenta according to the package directions. Then, family style, pour it out on a board and cut it with a piece of thread. What you see in the picture is slice cut with a thread.

  2. I'll take ALL the blue cheese, please ma'am!!!!! I did enjoy this blog -and hope to see more from our gang on how you all cook!!! Kate and Sheila also have shown their talents in this art... let's all show how we create art with food and drink! tjs P.S. MY Jiffy cake does NOT count!

    1. Thelma, I wish i could share the gorgonzola dolce with you. It is spectacular!!!

    2. Of course your Jiffy cake counts, Thelma. You got 78 hits on that blog post, two or three times what my posts usually pull in, even with a recipe. Don't sell your cooking skills short.

    3. Wow oh wow oh wow... I just made a banana cake with a Jiffy box ( for banana muffins ) and dumped a jar of blueberry jam I had on hand - it was good... I don't recall who it was but someone else on a recent blog somewhere used a jiffy box... nothing to do with mine - but it proved to me that I was not the only one in the world of literature who cooks that way!!!

  3. I think writers like to cook because compared to writing- imaginary events with imaginary people- it is so real. Spend a little time, follow instructions and you end up with an actual result. Plus the eating part, of course. :-)

    1. Triss, I love your explanations for why writers like to cook. I you are right. AND you can do it in a space of time more like half an hour to maybe an hour and a half--rather than a year or a year and held. Renette said "immediate gratification." There is lot to be said for that for novelists!!!

  4. Thanks for wearing that apron.....Love you and it!

    1. It's my favorite apron, bringing as it does, so many great memories of cooking with you, Nicoletta!