Monday, May 9, 2011

Romance + Retribution = Overload

This year, April went out like a lamb; May came in like a lion.

Seeing two contrasting historic events, so sharply juxtaposed, in such a short space of time, took our breath away. The warmth and pageantry of two lovers united, followed, so quickly, by an arch enemy--destroyed, was too much to grasp. Like viewing a double feature of Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet on the same night, too many conflicting emotions were evoked for us to handle.

The transport from Westminster Abbey to the compound in Pakistan was so swift, we felt elated and deflated, giddy and depressed, at the same time. Witnessing a beautiful wedding, and experiencing all the joyful emotions such an event inspires, followed instantly by getting an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth, depleted us, wrung us out, left us limp.

Modern communication methods can compress so much drama into so little time, the human psyche can’t absorb it all without feeling exhausted, drained—faint.

Robin Hathaway

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