Monday, August 8, 2011

The Reason I’m Napping Instead Of Working Today…

Sleeping Woman – Edouard Vuillard

This morning I reached in the cupboard for
a coffee mug and knocked a box of cereal
off the top of the refrigerator
which struck the bridge of my nose
causing a small laceration,
and now, whenever I put on my glasses
they irritate my nose,
so I can’t wear them,
and without glasses,
I can’t work,

Robin Hathaway


  1. Oh dear! Perhaps a cereal box should be the weapon in your next mystery???

  2. Are you sure there isn't some little creature living on top of the refrigerator, or way in the back of that old cooler where those mysterious coils sometime gurgle and hum. You might have frightened it and I'm sure if if knew you were hurt there would be some condolences from that other side. Feel better soon and sweet dreams!!!

  3. A perfectly understandable response to an unforeeable and unpleasant occurrence...'Let no man blame this woman,' as Mrs. Loman said.