Sunday, June 3, 2012

Guys Who Do Lunch . . .

By Thelma Straw

Recently POTUS invited Mike to copter down to Foggy Bottom for a cozy a deux at the 1600 Mansion. No mention has leaked as to what the menu was, but I'll eat my hat if the main course was not broiled F.P. (Future Plans)

On both sides.

This wasn't Bam-Bam's first attempt to woo Mike. There have been those cozy golfs a deux on the Vineyard.

But the setting IS cozier in the Residence. And N-6 draws nigh. . .

Unnamed sources told us the date of this lunch did not appear on the public schedule of either guy. That in itself is a loud signal. For both the West Wing and City Hall to Purposely and Studiously ignore such an event between these principals makes the little grey cells jiggle.

Takes two to tango big ideas.

What were they up to? Two of the most Humongous Brain Banks on the planet!

o A new cabinet post on Immigration? Starvation?
o National sheriff of calories and ratings?
o Liaison between the continental US and Putinistan?

Or maybe the topics were more mundane.

o How to win over Diane Taylor's vote
o Dealing with Daughterly Dating
o A job rec if N-6 fizzles
o Did Mike reallyreally tell Rupert Bam was an Arrogant SOB?
o What's the slam dunk way to become a billionaire

The mind boggles.

Maybe POTUS wants to stay in good with Mike in case His Honor decides to run for the WH after he vacates GM.

Or maybe POTUS wants to emulate HRC and run in NY after his second term.

Anything could happen.

Stay tuned...


  1. Thelma, what a great post! I laughed out loud at the word "Starvation!" Mike is acting like a jewish mother anymore with the dietary laws. And the POTUS sure looks like a son to be proud of, even if he isn't a doctor. My guess: the conversation was about money. An easy position since that's the only thing politicians seem to ever talk about.

  2. Thanks, AA, actually I wrote this several weeks ago - before the issue re soft drinks - or that hilarious ad with Mike in a dopey dress! Did you hear his comments on WOR - he didn't mind the dress - just thought this one was tacky - not his style. You have to luv the guy! tjs