Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Literary J.T. Pudding

Inspiration for this title came from two places:

  1. While reading a terrific thriller by J.T. Ellison called A Deeper Darkness
  2. After reading about the many delicious recipes and meals described by the charming Jungle Red bloggers.

The weather outside was climbing to the mid-80s. In the middle of a critical juncture of my WIP, Smoke Screen, I needed a quick, nutritious bite to eat.

Considering time and weather, and stirring in the fact that I'm a lady who avoids HARD CORE COOKING whenever possible, I checked the fridge and pulled out this assortment:

A dab of left-over cold oatmeal with apples, made from one of those little paper packets.
Pristine container of ricotta.
Unblemished, picture-perfect banana.

Added vanilla extract, cinnamon, powdered ginger, and one lone Splenda.

Mixed sloppily with a sterling silver spoon.

Since J.T's new book lay beside the dish and me on the table, I thought it would be fun to dedicate the dish to my fellow thriller writer from Nashville, Tennessee.

J.T. and I have roots in Tennessee; she resides in Nashville and I lived in Sewanee for ten years and my maternal kinfolk all came from Knoxville. (And everyone knows how those Southern roots are!)

If that wasn't enough to bond, she and I both graduated from a college in Lynchburg, Virginia called Randolph-Macon.

I've been following this writer's progress since her first book came out.

I realized soon that she has "the gift."

She keeps my nose in the book long past bedtime.

Can we give a writer louder praise!!!

So, dear friends, try the J.T. Pudding.

And run, don't meander, to your corner bookshop to get your copy of A Deeper Darkness!!!

P.S. Although I've never met her, I naturally like J.T. Ellison – you see, one of my best friends at the above-named college was also named J.T., who became a Chemistry Professor at our college, then served for many years as Dean at Agnes Scott College in Georgia.

T.J. ( not J.T. ) Straw


  1. Kate, your pudding looks far more tasty than mine did! Can you give me your recipe????? tjs

    1. As soon as I figure out where on the internet I stole that picture from--

  2. Thelma,
    What's the odds? I know J.T.Ellison from checking Amazon for "The Cold Room". She has the same title on her book. I check now and then to see if they've put up any 'editorial reviews' (which were many and good) of mine..but nothing. I'm comforted by the presence of her 'editorial reviews'; I just pretend.

  3. Hi, gang, you'll be interested to know I just heard from the other J.T. - who is Dr. J. T. Gary, of Decatur, GA now. She said she thought she could do a much better pudding than I did! Well, she was a college chemistry professor! Now that's a thought!!! Hmmm... tjs