Friday, November 1, 2013

53 Shopping Days till Xmas. Buy Witty Tee Shirts.

Halloween is gone and past for another year (without a pumpkin! I forgot to get a pumpkin!). It must surely be time to think about Christmas. Right? And presents. Presents for other people, that is. Be prepared, for a change, that's my motto. What all my friends will probably get this year are paperback copies of BUCKER DUDLEY, whether they want one or not, since that's what I can afford to give them. But if I had twenty-five or thirty bucks apiece for presents for my friends, I could do worse than to get them each a tee-shirt from Zazzle. I was browsing their site this morning and came across some of the most charming things.

For Lesley, in honor of her cat, Mao

For Annamaria, who,
like me, is bothered and
irritated by politics

For Leanne

For Harold (Hey! It's customizable!)

For Lee
For Jonathan Maberry

For Bob
For Thelma

For Stephanie, the demon reader

For Sheila, the film fan

…And one for me, since it's all virtual anyway.
Merry fifty-three days before Christmas.

© 2013 Kate Gallison


  1. If you're taking our orders ... I need an X-tra Large. And I prefer black. If they don't have it in black, red is ok. tjs