Friday, November 28, 2014

Doing Nothing Today

And maybe I'll do nothing tomorrow. The day after Thanksgiving is an excellent time to sit back and put one's feet up, family greeted and appreciated, calories prepared and consumed, dishes washed, Otto Von Bismarck driven to a remote island where he trembles in fear with his last follower. (Have I mentioned that I've been obsessively playing Civilization, where one gets to aggrandize oneself at the expense of other world leaders? Right now I'm playing as Alexander the Great.)

I am not going shopping today. In the distant past this would have been my first day of work, clerking at some department store for the Christmas season. Only by paying me could you get me into a store on the day after Thanksgiving, and then I'd have to have a counter between me and the ravening hordes. No, today I'm going to lie around the house counting my blessings, which are many, and nibbling occasional bites of leftover turkey and pumpkin pie. Maybe I'll find my socks.

Happy day after Thanksgiving to you.

© 2014 Kate Gallison

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  1. Goodness, gracious, the power of suggestion!!! I'd planned a ton of righteous dutiful things to do today, then I read this.... and... well, maybe I won't do that dutiful list after all. This sounds like more fun!!! The only thing is, I KNOW WHERE MY SOCKS ARE! tjstraw