Tuesday, February 3, 2015



Absent without leave.  That's been me on CWC these past few weeks.

Given my circumstances, it also stands for the following:

A Widow, more Or Less

Many of you know that my husband is ill with Alzheimer's disease, making my marital status complicated and my time sometimes not my own.

A Woman OverLoaded

I overextend myself.  I wish I could stop doing so.  Is there medicine for this condition?

A Writer On the Lamb

I have gotten out from under it all and am in Italy for five weeks.  RUN AWAY is sometimes the best answer.

Stay tuned next week for lovely pictures.  With deep apologies to my blogmates for my absence.

Annamaria Alfieri - in Italy (Art WithOut Limits)


  1. Dear Blog Mate, whether we know you a lot .. or a little ... be assured we ( and I'm sure I speak for ALL of us ) are in your corner, stand with you in this time, and hope the sun is shining on you in your beloved Italy. We are better people because of your talents on this planet! Thelma Straw

    1. Thank you, sweet friends. I am not sure I deserve such praise, but I am very happy for you understanding.

  2. Annamaria, you are one of the best women I know, and nothing you do requires apology. You inspire me. I may get out of my pajamas and do something today.