Friday, June 5, 2015


Christine Jorgensen
The big flurry this week was all about the erstwhile Bruce Jenner, and how he has fulfilled his lifelong ambition by transforming himself into a woman. That's nice. We all have lifelong ambitions, and it's a rare soul who is able to achieve such things. Personally I fail to see why it's such a big deal, since I'm out of touch with modern life; I think the story might have something to do with Kim Kardashian's bottom.

Changing one's sex is nothing new. Christine Jorgensen did it long ago, when I was a kid. For a week or so afterward we all made jokes about going to Denmark and then forgot about it.

The process is horrendously expensive, as I understand it. Yet another thing that only people with Big Money can manage to do. I heard a story once about a man who married a woman with Big Money and then nagged her to buy him a sex change operation. The wife gave in to her husband's incessant demands at last, only to find herself married to another woman. I mean, now what? Everyone at the family weddings and funerals was embarrassed to death for her.

What we non-rich people do when we get the urge to become men, or women, or dogs, or movie directors, or peers of the realm, or any other thing that we aren't, is to become novelists. You can write an entire book from the perspective of the world's sexiest woman, for example, dressing yourself up in size six designer gowns and four-inch heels that would cripple your actual feet, and then spend the night in bed with George Clooney or whoever, all from the comfort of your dining room table, without losing a pound or going near a single surgeon. Hell, this is why we write.

Or one of the reasons. Your wild fantasy will sell better if it has a compelling plot, of course, but that's an issue for another day.

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  1. Well, I guess I'm an oddball... I never had any urge to become a man ... or a dog , movie director or peer of the realm --- only to become rich as Croesus, win the Edgar for Best Novel and have the mobs of adoring fans line up to get my autograph! tjs

  2. I can't afford to spend all my time in Africa, but I do it every day sitting at this keyboard., safe from marauding lions and angry hippos. What fun it is. Selling more copies would be nice. But what would be the point of spending a lot of money to do that?

    1. And yet there are people out there who are perfectly willing to take all your money to help you sell more copies.

  3. Why do people watch reality TV when fiction is so much more fun (and better written)

  4. Recently I blogged re how devoted I am to Blue Bloods on TV - yes, I know it is fiction, but it seems so real to me - I sit there and cheer and clap and cry! tjs

  5. Along this same topic, a few weeks ago our talented Annamaria mentioned that she'd like to have a "wife" - to do errands, etc. In no way did I see that as a sex thing - she was so on target in wishing for a person to do all the tasks she did not have time for... and I agreed at the time - and in view of this current discussion I want to state my opinion: it would be wonderful to have a person, in our case, a woman, who wd be there for us to do a lot of the tasks we don't have the time or energy for --- so, AA, you get the prize on this topic! Hope you find one to do those things to make life easier! tjs