Monday, December 20, 2010

Writing Takes a Back Seat

This time of year, my writing career goes on the back burner, unless you’re talking about writing cards. There they sit, shiny and new, stacked on my desk, address book open to “A”, a new roll of stamps ready to go.

But I look at them with deep dread.

Once I begin, I know it will be an all-nighter. But the longer I put it off, I know the longer the night will be. As Kate told us, when she asked us to write our blogs, “Think of it as a college term paper—that’s due tomorrow.” Thanks, Kate. That’s all I needed to complete my writer’s block.

Maybe I should forget about sending cards this year and send valentines instead. At least they would have less competition. My card might be the only one in the mailbox! It would really make an impression and be remembered. (They might even attract some swains.)

But won’t my friends be disappointed, if they don’t hear from me this year? They might even think I’m dead! I’d better bite the bullet, grab my pen, and get started. Maybe just one little cup of hot chocolate first, to give me energy? Or a quick cat nap?


Robin Hathaway

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  1. Oh Robin, my cards always wind up saying Happy New Year. One year, it was Chinese New Year! Now, Valentine's Day. What a great suggestion! I'm going for it.