Friday, October 14, 2011

Unacceptable Sacrifice

I tell you what, I'm almost cranky enough to give you a recipe today instead of a post. If it isn't one thing it's another. First I discovered that the secret desire of my agent was that I write like two famous best-selling guys who are known for their gritty urban fiction. I ask you, does that sound like me?

Then, as I endeavored to insert a little urban grit into my Work in Progress (after expunging all references to the cat), The AARP bulletin came in my mailbox and insisted that saving the country from the coming fiscal disaster was my personal responsibility, and that I could accomplish this task only by forswearing cookies. The rationale for this is that cookies will make me fatter and give me diabetes, which will cause me to get sick and demand payments from Medicare for my doctors, which will sink the economy.

I didn't get us into this mess, George #$%&* Bush got us into this mess, and you can bet he isn't giving up his #$%&* cookies. I have few enough pleasures in life at my age without giving up cookies. Like my cookies are causing a multi-trillion-dollar national deficit. Get real, AARP, before I go all gritty and urban on you. #$%&.

Kate Gallison


  1. Way to go, Kate! Fight for them cookies, by durn!! Thelma

  2. What??? Cookies are a major component of the pursuit of happiness! I would take this to the Supreme Court. Wait! Oh no, they don't believe in the Constitution! Rats, we will have to go underground. But maybe, just maybe we can start the Tollhouse Party!

  3. Right on! Occupy the Toll House! We are the 99% of hungry people who prefer cookies!

  4. Tollhouse party ? Sweet thought. Count me in - coupla dozen... tjs

  5. I hear your cri de coeur, Kate. I like cookies a lot!. I'd sooner give up going to Church (Oh, forgot. I don't).