Friday, May 25, 2012

Another Sleepy Day

So little is going on in our little town of Lambertville that I scarcely know what to write about today.

Son John has come back to spend the summer. We don't see a whole lot of him, because he's still on West Coast time and in any case is a nocturnal fellow, prowling and knocking over heavy objects while I'm sleeping. Or perhaps it was the cat.

A dedication ceremony took place yesterday evening in the park down the street (Mary Sheridan Park, named for the late mayor) in honor of the new brick sidewalk, the one where you could buy a brick and have your name put on it. The ceremony was a rouser, including a contingent of Civil War re-enactors from Philadelphia, who fired their guns, and the Lambertville Brass Band.

The ruckus they raised coincided with our choir rehearsal at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church half a block away, and confused us while we were singing. Or our singing confused them while they were playing, drilling and shooting. In any case it was Charles Ives meets the 1812 overture, especially when they began testing the fireworks for Friday's display.

Harold and I did not buy a brick, partly because I'm too cheap but mostly because he feels that Mary Sheridan Park these days is little more than a dog bathroom, in spite of the diligent efforts of civic-minded gardeners. Nearly every morning on his way to get the paper he sees SUVs pull up to the gates of the park and disgorge dogs, who madly rush to relieve themselves in the park. What, buy a brick for dogs to pee on? Not him.

Speaking of dogs, the Mary Martin memorial dog biscuit station is no more. The new tenant in Mary's apartment, as we feared, refuses to get with the program. If you leave biscuits on his doorstep they will be taken away and given to his dad's beagle.

We got our sample ballots for the primary election in today's mail. I could riff on that for a few paragraphs, but I won't. No talk of politics. Can't stand it anymore.

Lambertville. People come, people go, and nothing ever happens. (Grand Hotel. Greta Garbo, John Barrymore, and a cast of similar luminaries. If you haven't seen it, see it.)

Kate Gallison


  1. Sounds like the intro to a good mystery....And then....

  2. I agree with Marge. Just an idea... tjs