Monday, May 14, 2012

First Lines That Went Nowhere

While rooting through some old papers, I came across a battered notebook listing some first lines of stories or novels I’ve never written.

I thought I’d ask you which one, if any, sounds the most promising, and if I should continue it. I no longer trust my own judgment. I need help.

  1. Pennies, which plague me today, once played a big part in my life.
  2. This morning I took my dog and my mother-in-law to have their toenails cut, which pretty much sums up my life these days.
  3. “Don’t touch me!”
  4. The face in the glass bore no resemblance to the person I know, and whose skin I have worn for almost eighty years.
  5. Every station stop on this train ride brought back memories; mostly unpleasant.

Robin Hathaway


  1. Robin, this is a great blog! It really touches the reader. I vote for #3...Thlema

    1. Thanks, Pat. I'll give it a try

  2. Strangely, I like #2 and #4. Bob

    1. Thanks, Bob. Looks ike I'll have to
      try all of them, and not leave them moldering in a drawer!