Friday, May 4, 2012

Onward and Upward

I promised you pictures from Malice Domestic, but I must renege. Due to a number of malfunctions and screw-ups my camera will not turn its pictures loose into either of my computers in their present configurations. Many people took great pictures: Kaye Barley, Beth Groundwater,  Gigi Pandian, and various souls on Facebook such as Liz Zelvin and Robin Templeton. I can't hook you up directly with the Facebook pictures because you may or may not have an account, and if you didn't, the link wouldn't work. But if you're on Facebook you can seek out these people.

Not my machine,
but my camera doesn't work
Malfunctions and screw-ups are infesting many of the tools I use to carry on my life this week. I have to get rid of my ancient sewing machine, a 1962 Kenmore made in Korea that I bought in 1978 for $60 from a fellow state worker who lost her job and became homeless a few weeks later, and subsequently died sitting up in the Trenton railroad station. Her last words to me were to keep oiling the sewing machine. I must have overlooked a crucial oiling, because little rust spots are causing the thing to tangle the thread and rip the fabric. I guess I got my $60 out of it, though.

Tell you what. I'm going to start a home-grown Project Runway thread on my personal blog ( as soon as the new machine comes. I found a new online source for yard goods direct from Seventh Avenue. If you like clothes, or you like sewing, you can come on over and follow that. But if you're looking for tidbits about Malice you're out of luck here, because I've been brain dead since about five o'clock last Saturday.

Kate Gallison

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