Friday, August 3, 2012

Losing It

You will recall how a few weeks ago I declared my intention to go crazy in the service of Art, in order to better understand my protagonist's usual frame of mind. It worked pretty well, as methods go. The first draft of Monkeystorm (current working title) is just about finished. Carina has managed to elevate her craziness to the level of a superpower.

The problem with mental exercises of this sort is that they tend to distract a writer from important details of her own life. There are things I haven't been attending to. There are things, in fact, that I have out and out lost this summer. My mind may be one of them, or not, but I certainly can't find, for example, the new camera. I know we brought it back from Mississippi because I downloaded pictures.

Or my summer clothes from last year. A divine bathing suit I bought in the Florida Keys. Two pair of white jeans that fit me. That suit with the bright-colored flowers that everybody likes. Gone.

Most likely I packed the clothes away last fall and forgot where. But I've looked all over, to no avail. I tell you what. If you see some woman about my size wearing a skirted suit with big gaudy flowers and using a little black Canon digital camera to take pictures, and she isn't me, drop me an email. There may be a reward. Or my mind. If you run into my mind (I know, I know, it's too weak to get very far) hang onto it and give me a call. I'll be most grateful.

Kate Gallison

Update, Saturday morning… I found the camera just now, you'll be happy to know. In searching the house for it, however, I uncovered many levels of chaos. Next Friday I hope to be able to report that my office is clean, my clothes are in order, and five bags of trash have been put on the curb.


  1. Omygod! I did see a lady wearing a skirted suit with big gaudy flowers with a camera that looked like that! I was in Tiffany's selling back my third husband's wedding ring and I saw her - she was taking pictures of all the biggest jewels she could find. I thought it was you - and called, " Hi, Kate!" She dropped the camera, looked at me in horror and fled out of the store! I gave your camera to the sales clerk, but I'm sure we could get it back! tjs

    1. If you see her again, Thelma, give her a good smack upside the head. (Unless it actually is me.)

  2. Kate, your next book will be the first thriller involving murder and a psychopath that has people laughing out loud. I can't wait!!!