Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Jura

My husband David and I are about to leave on a trip that will take us to several interesting places, some of them famous, some relatively unknown. Our first destination is a visit with friends in the Jura Mountains in France.

The Jura are north of the Alps, between the Rhine and Rhone. The range extends into Switzerland and Germany. The French section is part of the Franche-Comté region and is a Mecca for hikers, cyclists, and skiers. Louis XIV conquered the area and made it part of France.

We first visited there considerably after King Louis but still in remote history by today’s standards. Here we are on our previous visit, in July of 1973, two wandering New York hippies, visiting friends who have remained dear to us over a lifetime.

On this upcoming trip we hope to visit the Jura’s Fort de Joux castle, which dates back to the 11th century and to see more of the region’s famous panoramas and have some more of those wild mushrooms that we still remember from all those years ago.

My posts over the next weeks will follow our trail through France and Italy with some history and pictures of the sites we see. Á bientôt!

Annamaria Alfieri


  1. I always love your artwork, Pat, alongside the stories. See a keep for me.

  2. Thanks, Bob. For the next weeks I hope to postmy own pix, not the generic ones i usually lift from the internet. Francoise, my friend at the breakfast table with us, above, says we will update that photo once we are there. Stay tuned.