Friday, July 18, 2014

Call For Submissions

Attention! Crime Writers' Chronicle is calling all crime writers, and all those with deep thoughts about crime writing, to consider whether they might not like to run up a post for the amusement and edification of our readers.

There's no pay, and very little glory, but as long as you have something charming to say about the writing process, your work, your friends, or your enemies, a select group of your admirers, new and old, will read it and it will help build your platform. Think about it. Don't you have something you'd like to finally talk about in public? Political rants and stories of dying pets are discouraged, as we don't want to bring each other down, but three or four paragraphs of anything else that interests you will be welcome on our guest page. If you have a book coming out, we'll be happy to schedule your guest post around the time of its release.

It's all about crime writing and the crime writer's life, folks. Be a part of it. Drop me a line at if you're interested.

Kate Gallison

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