Friday, August 7, 2015

Today we go to Deadly Ink

Not all of us, just Annamaria Alfieri, Sheila York, and me. We plan to wear our official tee shirts and act like big shots as members of the famous Crime Writers' Chronicle. Everybody else there will be a big shot, too, each in his or her own way; the other writers because they write, the fans because without them we would have no readers (a sad state of affairs), and Debby Buchanan (a bit of both writer and fan), because she put the whole shebang together.

The Deadly Ink conference takes place at the Hyatt Regency New Brunswick, and will be running all weekend. There's still time to pick up a ticket and show up. If you plan to go, here's when we will be on panels, and what panels we will be on:

Annamaria will be on Location, Location, Location at 2:00 on Saturday afternoon, and will moderate the Q & A With some Real "Characters" at 1:00 on Sunday afternoon.

Sheila will be on the Pros vs Amateurs panel at 9:00 Saturday morning, will moderate Ripped from the Headlines at 3:00 on Saturday afternoon, and will be on the What If? panel at 10:00 Sunday morning and the Q & A With some Real "Characters" at 1:00 on Sunday afternoon.

I will be on the Jersey Girls/Boys panel on Friday evening, probably still stuffing myself with Deadly Desserts, and on the Short and Sweet (or Sour) panel at nine on Saturday morning, talking about short stories.

And of course we will be wandering around the conference at other times, perfectly willing to talk to friends, acquaintances, and strangers. You will know us by our CWC tee shirts. All the famous people will be wearing them.

To find out more, visit the Deadly Ink web site.

Kate Gallison


  1. How on earth did you get that Tee shirt photo????? tjs

  2. Ah, Thelma. The magic of Photoshop.

  3. Be sure to send him a copy and get his autograph - wd be fun for the blog line-up, You cd even make him an Honorary member!!!! Art surpasses politics!!!! tjs

  4. To Admin Kate, Annamaria and Sheila - I'll be there in spirit, listening to you three in your panels - I'll be the one who outclaps everyone else! If you hear extra, yeah, yeah from the back of the room - c'est moi!!!!!!!!!!!!! tjs

    1. thanks so much for your powerful spirit. Our panels were big successes.

  5. We'd love to hear all about your panels. Why don't you and K and A do a joint blog - on Deadly Ink!!! tjs