Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Get Cool

Following up on Robin's lament about the tropical weather that has been plaguing most of the USA, here from the heart of the Baked Apple, I am going to try to stage a Cool-Off to help us all chill out.  As in every area of my life, music will be the tool that effects the change in mood.  Today, I share with you some of the coolest music I know.

So get yourself an iced drink, sit back in a comfortable chair, and give a listen

Okay, let's start with the gorgeous, soothing piano jazz of Bill Evans.  Here's his "Like Someone in Love."

Cool, huh?

Still cool, but also swingin' is this:

Try to feel as cool as Frank sounds.

Okay.  Now, for my money, the ultimate in cool is John Coltrane.  Listen to his "Evry Time We Say Good-Bye."

Now, aren't you feeling better?

How about your cool favorites?  Add a link in the comments to tunes you think will help me stay cool.  Its blistering in New York.   Give me a break!

Annamaria Alfieri

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  1. My reply to you... yesterday I sat in the air-conditioned Weill Art Gallery at the 92 Y for an hour. People came and went, but I was basically alone, getting cool. I come to this room nearly every Friday and listen to some of the most talented musicians from all over the world . I could hear their music, and it cooled me down.. it was like a glimpse into a vast music hall way up yonder.. Thelma