Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer Slump

Recently I have been overcome with lethargy. At first I blamed it on the heat, but it got cooler and I am still a sloth. All I want to do is lie around, read mysteries, and take naps. Occasionally I eat or drink something to keep going, but nothing that requires any effort or imagination. Soup and a sandwich, iced tea (the powdered kind) or lemonade (the bottle kind). And ice cream. Plenty of that.

This is no way to live. Nothing gets accomplished. You fall behind in everything—paying bills, writing thank you notes, cleaning, blogging… and you know you will suffer the consequences of having to catch up later. You get fat. (Fatter?) and an unfinished manuscript languishes on my desk.

I long for fall. I love those brisk autumn breezes and pungent scents that wake me up and act like a cattle prod to get me going. But autumn is more than two months away! Meanwhile, how can I motivate myself? Any suggestions are welcome.

Robin Hathaway


  1. Join the rest of the human race, Robin! City dwellers are all coming down with the malady! Drink tons of iced coffee and jump in the shower or tub with frigid water! Look at Kaye Barleye's Meanderings and Muses and her delightful entree picture of her dog in SNOW!! Say, maybe you can order some snow from Neiman Marcus - they have everything else!! Thelma

  2. Don't try to motivate yourself. Summer is Nature's way of saying, take it easy and read a book. If you're worried about the ice cream, do what I do: make sure it's low-fat.

  3. Kate, that is an adorable picture! You get A+ for it!!! Thelma

  4. Well, you live very close to the zoo. Visit a kindred spirit, the two-toed sloth:



  5. The baby picture came from 123rf, a site where you can buy royalty-free images for very little money. There are a number of shots of this adorable baby. I meant to post the name of the photographer but I lost it.