Wednesday, July 4, 2012

"Invisible Country" Out This Week

Invisible Country is second of my historical murder mysteries set against fascinating points in South American History.  Since it is fresh to the bookstores this week, I am taking this moment for some shameless self-promotion.  Here's more about it:

In a Paraguay devastated by war, Father Gregorio discovers the dead body of Ricardo Yotté—a powerful ally of the Dictator Francisco Solano López and his consort, the beautiful foreigner Eliza Lynch.  Lynch had entrusted a fortune in gold and jewels to Yotté, which after his murder has gone missing.  Now, she and the brutal López will stop at nothing to find the treasure.  A band of villagers, fearful of wrongful punishment, undertake to solve the murder, thwarted by their own dangerous secrets.  Love and death pervade this fast-paced, complex mystery cum political thriller set in 1868, during South American’s War of the Triple Alliance.

Love and hate, desperation and despair, terror and suspense, unexpected twists and outright surprises, Invisible Country has them all….No one is better at spinning South American mysteries than Annamaria Alfieri.” 
Leighton Gage, author of A Vine in the Blood

You can read more about the book here:

If you can, please come to celebrate with me at my Launch Party:
July 10th at 7PM
Partners & Crime Bookstore
44 Greenwich Avenue
New York, NY  10014
(212) 243-0440

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  1. Not shameless ... I am all for an author promoting him/herself on the home blog! After all, what are friends and colleagues for - if not to support the soul-works of their fellows!!!! All best luck with this book, AA. Thelma

  2. It's out! Great! Can't wait to read it.