Friday, July 27, 2012

Preparing for Fall

The temperature in Lambertville plunged thirty degrees last week, leading us all to think about getting ready for cooler weather. As soon as I finish the book I'm working on I mean to get busy and pull my fall wardrobe together. When I finish the book my agent will get me a million-dollar advance for it, right? Or, far more likely, I'll win the Pennsylvania Lottery, which is up to umpty-septillion dollars this week. As a millionaire, I'll be able to select a few of the little dresses on Neiman-Marcus's web site, all in lovely, subtle shades of green.

This is what comes of having no daughters. There's nobody to say, "Seriously, Mom? Really? You're going to wear that out in public?" (Sons don't care what you wear, as long as it's not totally slutty.) But, alas, I haven't anyplace to wear these clothes, even if I were thirty years younger and twenty pounds lighter. As long as I'm dreaming, though, I can dream of wearing a long, green, ten-thousand-dollar dress to an awards dinner, where my book will get a prize, right? Right? What do you think, should I buy the dress now or wait until I finish the book?

Me, Photoshopped into Dress

I am so ready for fall.

Kate Gallison


  1. Oh, by all means, Kate, get the dress NOW! Then the other items will fall into place. You might get the advance plus the lottery if you have the dress on hand! tjs

  2. Problem is, Thelma, that's not my real body. So besides the ten grand for the dress I'd have to factor in six weeks at Canyon Ranch or wherever to shape myself up. It is a nice dress, though, isn't it? Oscar de la Renta.

  3. Finish the book. My guess is that the woman who will actually wear the dress will never be as beautiful, entertaining, and talented as you. I'd rather be like you and wear my old sweat pants than be the woman who actually buys that dress!

  4. Gosh. Thanks.As for the dress, Neiman Marcus will probably sell it to some rich lady in Texas who will wear it once to a charity event and take it to a consignment shop. If I'm ever in Dallas I'll stop by the consignment shop and try it on. It still won't fit.