Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Win an Autographed Copy.....

Here's the contest:

I took this picture of the statue of George Washington in Union Square in New York City.

Imagine that the blonde you see at the bottom of the shot is a tourist who asked the statue for directions to a specific place.  The statue is answering correctly.  What was her question?

The first person to give the correct answer will receive an autographed copy of Invisible Country.  You can enter by leaving a comment on this blog or on my Facebook Author page:

Or you can tweet your answer to me at @AnnamariaAlfier

For each day that there is no correct answer I will post a hint here in the comments, on Facebook, and tweet a hint to my followers on Twitter.

Good luck.

Where do you think the blonde wants to go?

Annamaria Alfieri   


  1. Oh, great sir, father of my country, can you point me in the direction you want this country of ours to go??? Thelma

  2. I believe the blonde is asking, "Where was the union of the two principal thoroughfares of the island?"

    Annie Cramer.

  3. She's asking: 'Where can I buy some pot?'

  4. Hint for today is also the response to Thelma's guess: George is pointing south. (Many politicians today seem to want to send the country south, but not the Father of our country.)

  5. Which way to Wall Street? I want to be a member of the 1%. Karen

  6. Replies
    1. I was going to make a joke about assault, but I'm not quite sharp enough this morning.

  7. Yesterday's hint today: (Sorry. I blame thrillerfestivities)

    The tourist asked George the question because she found him in Union Square, and she thought he and his horse rightfully belonged in that other place.

  8. Penultimate hint: when the blonde arrives at her destination, she will wonder why there is a statue of Giuseppe Garibaldi there.

  9. I got it! I got it! (But I had to google Giuseppe Garibaldi statue first. Does that count?)

  10. Yes, it counts. Declare your answer and be the winner!

  11. An the winner is KATE GALLISON!!!

    The tourist thought that George Washington must know where Washington Square is. And she was right. He is pointing right toward it! Kate email me your postal address and I will send you the book.